Availability + Hours of Operation

prompt and authentic communication is a high priority of mine

I want to make sure you are taken care of and know exactly what to expect. Because of the nature of this job, shooting times and client communication - and the heavy or light load of when that happens - varies so often. So much of my job is based on availability of my clients and their events - weddings, engagement timeframe, pregnancies, etc - and when they reach out to me. Please keep reading to get an idea of my overall availability and when I respond to inquiries and emails.

current 2023/2024 availability

DECEMBER 9, 2023 - MARCH 31, 2024

ALL communication is closed.

APRIL 1, 2024

Communication opens up and 2024 session bookings open.

2024 session availability info can be found here


All bookings are closed.

2024 Wedding availability info can be found here

2025 Weddings

Bookings currently closed. Bookings tentatively open April 2024.

2025 Wedding availability info can be found here

I am SO excited for what the future holds and I am excited to connect with you in April!!

In-Office Days

I am in my office to respond to emails and inquires most weeks, Tuesday - Friday. Time off might affect this, but it will be communicated on my contact page and instagram if it's longer than 2 days.

Shooting Season

My shooting season (when I shoot sessions and weddings) is from January - November. I take the month of December off from shooting as this is my time to primarily spend with my family. I also take limited bookings in January to ensure I have time to I evaluate last year, get some extra rest, prep for the current year and put together information for the following year.

"Busy Season"

You might have heard this term said by most photographers. This refers to the time of the year photographers (and wedding venues/vendors) typically have lots of work/bookings. This is a trend we see and can predict, but it varies from where we are located. Typically my, and Michigan's, "busy season" is every May - December, with spring, late-summer and fall being the most sought-after booking times.

Session Days

I am available for sessions on Sunday, and Tuesday - Saturday. We can shoot at a variety of times on those days; from sunrise-sunset.


I am available for weddings/elopements any day of the week except Mondays. I start booking weddings, micro-weddings and elopements at most, 18 months out from the date of your event. (For 2024 weddings, please see my 2024 Weddings page for important availability information!)

Time Off

Mondays are my only consistent day off; I will be out of my office and not available for sessions or responding to emails.

Because of the nature of this job, I am available most times and days throughout the year, making time off a little tricky. I aim to take 1-2 days off every week, so this might affect my response time on some weeks. I also aim to take some vacation time throughout the year. This will also be communicated on my contact page and in an auto-response email.

2024 Time Off + Travel Dates

These dates are when I know I'll be out of my office for some work trips or time off periods throughout the year.

More will be added throughout the year.

DEC 2023 - March 2024

/ out of office

Sept 2024

/ tba


JULY 2024

/ tba

oct 2024

/ tba


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