the family session experience.

Below is a step by step breakdown of the overall session process. This includes booking, pre-session, shooting, post-production and purchasing. I've broken it down for you so you know exactly what to expect!


1 - fill out my contact form

I am so excited to work with you and document your authentic moments! Head over to my contact page and fill out the inquiry form.

2 - receive my guide

After I receive your inquiry, I will send you an email that will include my informational Family Guide. Take a look at it and let me know that you'd like to move forward with booking a session.

3 - complete my questionnaire

I'll then send you a quick online questionnaire that I'll need you to fill out. It will go over questions such as: When are you thinking you'd like to have your session (month/week)? Is there a special location you'd like to shoot at? Are there specific photos of mine that you're drawn to? Etc.

Having all of this info upfront will save us a lot of back and forth time and I can get right to brainstorming creative ideas for us!

4 - sign our contract + pay your deposit

After I receive your questionnaire, I'll send you our online contract and invoice. After reviewing, you'll sign the contract and pay a $100, non-refundable deposit. It applies to your overall balance.

Once I receive those, we will be officially booked! We can then finalize your session's details such as timeframe, location and start time.



1 - choose a week timeframe

This year I'll be implementing a new feature in scheduling your session. In the past we've chosen a specific day 2-6+ months out. This has been normal in the photography world but I'd like to do something different. What we'll be doing this year is choosing a week timeframe in advance, a Sunday - Saturday, instead of a specific day.

Shooting in Michigan for 10+ years has proven over and over again that our weather constantly changes. It makes more sense to choose a day in response to the weekly forecast.

So, I will check the weekly weather report 8:00am, on the Sunday of our session's timeframe and we'll decide together which day to shoot in the week at that time.

2 - choose a location

After we choose a week timeframe, we'll then pick a location for our session. I'll send you an online gallery that has sample images from locations I love to shoot at. You can pick one of those examples, or we can choose something new. Keep in mind that a location will have to be pre-approved by me. This approval process is so I can confirm that the location will work for us and aide in achieving our vision.

3 - choose a preferred start time

After I know which location you'd like, I can recommend a specific start time to shoot at based on our location, my vision, and what realistically works for you and your family (kiddos bedtimes taken into consideration for example). Once our week timeframe approaches and we pick a specific day after viewing the weekly weather report, we'll confirm that our preferred start time still works based on what the weather report is saying.

After we choose a preferred start time, that will be it with planning until our session's week timeframe approaches!

4 - your session recap sent to you

I'll put together a handout that will have a recap of all of your session's details on it. I'll also include meeting details that will have directions or map screenshots of exact instructions - so there's no guessing on your end!


1 - finalize our session's date and start time

On the Sunday of our session's week timeframe, I will check the weekly weather forecast at 8:00am and then text you which days in the week I recommend for us. We will decide together which day and start time works the best for lighting and comfort.

2 - pay your final balance

Your final balance is due at the time of your session. Head over to your online invoice to pay.

3 - I'll be early to our session

I'll arrive to our session about 15-30 minutes early, and I'll text you when I get there. This is not only to get all of my gear set up, but to also walk the grounds and settle in. I love being inspired by what's present; the authenticity of what's happening and take the time to notice the details. I'll also pre-visualize further in the moment and choose the areas where we'll focus in that have the best lighting (shooting locations within our location).

4 - session duration

Your session includes up to one hour of session time. We can use all of that time, less or more. Additional time is $50/half hour.

Every kiddo is different and so it's okay if we don't use the full hour. I organize my shots to feature most of the smiles at the beginning. I've worked with so many children and the common factor is that they're unpredictable, lol. What are you going to do, right?!

We go with the flow. We go with what's happening. Take a deep breath and soothe your child how you normally do. And don't worry, I've got you! I'll give us tons of prompts, and I know how to manage fussy-children-moments. (I've had SO many people say how shocked they were at how many good images we got when their child had mini meltdowns throughout the session. I've got you!)



1 - culling and editing

I'll back up our photos in 3 different locations and get to culling! I go through each photograph and cull (choose) the best, most moving images. I'll then edit your photos in my signature clean, warm style, while enhancing custom areas in each one. I don't rush through this process and take my time to focus on the details.

2 - turnaround time + your viewing gallery

You will receive a viewing gallery with all of your final, fully culled and edited images. Light a candle, grab some coffee or wine and enjoy looking through all of the photos and seeing your beautiful family shine through.

Turnaround time to receive your viewing gallery is 4-6 weeks from our session's date. Downloads are not available yet. See the next step!


1 - choose the photos you want by creating a favorites list!

You'll create a favorites list with the photos you want and then send it to me. To start, while in your viewing gallery, you can hover over an image and click the heart icon to add it to your favorites list. Or, you can click on the image, and then click the heart icon to add.

2 - send me your favorites list

Click the heart icon at the top of your gallery to be taken to your favorites. Click on "MY FAVORITES."

Next, click the paper airplane / send button and choose "SEND TO PHOTOGRAPHER." Follow the prompt on the next screen and hit "SEND."

3 - purchasing additional photos

Your family session includes 25 images in your session's price. If you would like additional photos, they are $20/image. You are welcome to add as many photos you'd like to your favorites list. In the above example, 35 images have been selected, which means 10 additional images would like to be purchased. After receiving your favorites list, I would send you an online invoice for the additional images wanting to be purchased.

4 - receiving your download gallery

In either scenario, by choosing your 25 images or more, a download gallery will be sent to you after receiving your favorites list, and after payment has been made on any additional images.

All photos in your download gallery are immediately available for download! You are given personal use rights as well as printing rights to all purchased photos.


The photos in your download gallery are yours for personal use and include printing rights. Also within your download gallery is the option to purchase prints, products and albums!

By purchasing through your download gallery, you are not only getting top quality products, you are also supporting me instead of a big box store.


Send them my way or check out the FAQ below


what is the price for a family session?

Family sessions are $500, and include: 25 fully edited hi res digital images, up to 1 hour of consecutive session time, 1 location, 1 outfit and travel within Ottawa County. Additional images are available for purchase at $20/photo. Additional travel miles are $1/mile. Additional session time is $50/half hour. Most clients have a budget between $550 - $800+.

how will I know which gallery is for viewing and which one is for downloading?

Each gallery will be labeled as such. You'll see the title of your gallery at the top. It will have your name with the words "viewing," or "download." For example: "Jane Doe Family / viewing," or " Jane Doe Family / download." Both galleries will be available for a maximum of 12 months after the delivery date.

do you have recommendations on where to shoot?

Absolutely! I have many locations for us to choose from. If you don't have a specific place in mind, I can send you a location sample gallery that has images from each location, so you can get a visual of each spot. I will walk you through everything!

what time of day is best to shoot?

I actually love shooting at all times of the day - each hour has its benefits in overall look. I tend to prefer shooting either within 2 hours of sunset, or within 2 hours of sunrise. Shooting closer to when the sun sets or rises will have your image be a little more moody, with deeper shadows, softer highlights, and warmer tones and sun flares.

I also love shooting anytime within 4 hours of the sunset, as the early evening lighting is not as harsh as midday, but still gives a lighter, cleaner, brighter look to the photos. We will chat about what time works best for lighting and for your family's schedule.

are you available for travel?

Absolutely, and I love to travel! Let me know where you are or where you're thinking of shooting and we'll go over any travel fees to get me there.