2024 wedding availability as a second shooter

For the time being, I am only available to be hired for second shooting for weddings. This means I am pressing pause on booking my own weddings right now; I am unavailable as a main photographer. If you haven't had the chance to read the "why" behind that decision, you can read about it here.

being your second shooter means:

As a second photographer, I will still be doing all of my normal shooting style, and work ethic, however I won't be who you book through or be getting your final photos from. You will still be getting a piece of my signature experience, as you will be getting my 100%, my timeliness, loyalty, professionalism, creativity, friendliness and calm presence.

In most cases, I won't be editing the photos either. Your main photographer will cull and edit my photos and include them in their final wedding gallery they send you. I still retain copyright over the images I take, and can use them in my portfolio, but I can't advertise them as my own wedding. Your main photographer will edit and include whichever and however they like.

Instead of booking me directly, you would look for a photographer who offers two photographers (or more) in their package. Ask if you can have a say in who fills that role and feel free to send them my name if they work with others outside of their business. They would reach out to me and we would chat about what it would like to work together. Every business has a process and style, so I might not be the best fit for their business, and that's okay.

Below, you'll see a list of photographers who might be a good fit for you as your main photographer, and the approval process of working with me has already been established!

more photogs are being added...

The list below will continue to be added to, as I am in conversations with several photographers.