2025 Weddings + Beyond


2025 Weddings + Sessions

As you may have seen on my 2024 Weddings + Sessions page, I am taking a pause from the heavy hustle to pursue a growing year for 2024. Which means for 2024, I will not be booking any weddings for that year. (If you haven't had a chance to read that page and my "why," please take a moment to read it!)

Even though I am taking a pause for 2024 weddings, that doesn't mean I won't be booking for 2025 and beyond! Quite the opposite! In order to create richer, deeper work, I believe that year break will give me the opportunity to develop my craft and service to my 2025 clients and beyond!

What does this mean for 2025 weddings and sessions?

As I am typing this in Dec 2023, I do not have the full answer of what 2025 weddings and sessions will look like right now. My goal is to develop and enhance my business so that I can serve my 2025 clients better than ever! So as of right now, I will be available for booking 2025 weddings and sessions .

Can we book a date for 2025?

Not yet. Since my main goal for my 2024 year is to start a family, I do not know the timing of when that will happen, which means I do not know my availability for 2025 weddings until that happens. If I am able to start a family, I'll know my 2025 availability based on the due date of baby. I will be posting updates on my journal, so follow along! You can also reach out to me at any time if you have questions along the way!

THANK YOU for your support! I can't wait to work with you! ;)

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