2024 is my year of experimenting which means focusing on second shooting for weddings.

First off, let me just say a hearty congrats to you and on your engagement! I am so excited for you and your fiancé and it is a HUGE honor that you have been looking over my site and are thinking of me for your big day.

As much I would LOVE to be a part of your 2024 wedding as a head photographer, I am taking a pause on booking my own weddings this year to focus on several key things. You can read more about my experimental journey and this pause a little further down this page.

Although I am not available as your lead photographer for the time being, I am available for second shooting which means you still may be able to have me be a part of your most special day.

As a second photographer, I will still be doing all of my normal shooting style, however I won't be who you book through or be getting your final photos from. Instead, you would look for a photographer who offers two photographers in their package. If you would like to have me second shoot and work with your main photographer, please read more about that process here.

"it is a satisfying opportunity to reset and wonder what's next."


a shifting + growing season

2024 marks 10 years in running my business and I couldn't be more proud. Even after a decade, I am still in love with photography and documenting life's most special moments for people. I LOVE all of my clients and feel so blessed to be chosen and trusted by so many people. It is an honor!

As some of you may know, my father recently passed away suddenly and really, that was just the tipping point for me and my mental and physical health journey. I've had some time to handle his entire estate with my brother and our spouses, (which was so draining on so many levels), and after my 3 month sabbatical that I took Jan 2024 - March 2024, I'm feeling a ton better, but time and space has showed me where I need to grow and pivot in my personal life and within my work life.

I am an extremely hard worker and my loyalty is strong. These are amazing qualities, however it means I have a tendency to "power through things," which is something I'm trying to do less of. I could book 20 of my own weddings and do all of the work that it demands. And then do family sessions on top of that. I am completely cable of that.

However, is that work ethic going to support me long term right now? Is powering through and hustling non-stop sustainable for me when I've got some pain I need to sort out right now? I am listening to my heart and saying, "create the space." This year I'll be creating more space for my physical and mental health, growing my family, side passions, travel, fine art prints and time with family.

By focusing on second shooting this year, I am decreasing my workload which means I am showing up on your day full of genuine energy. I will be able to really sink into your day and be inspired and create art from that place. I want to focus on candids - on getting those images that happen within the in-between moments. I want to experiment with 35mm film and polaroids on your portraits. I want to focus on the details that can get overlooked to most. I want to really hone in on your day and capture everything in fresh, modern, editorial, experimental and classic ways.

I am so excited for this 2024 chapter and I can't wait to create art from your most special day. You deserve it. ;)