2024 Weddings + Sessions



I am entering a growing season, which means pressing pause on weddings.

I will not be booking 2024 weddings at this time; my 2024 year will be time of growing which means I will not be booking any 2024 weddings, with limited 2024 sessions available.

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“It's a satisfying opportunity to reset and wonder what's next.”

2024 wedding couples:

First off, congrats!! I am so excited for you and your fiancé! It is a huge honor that you have been looking over my website and might be thinking of me for your big day. As much as I would LOVE to be a part of your 2024 wedding, I will be taking a shift for the duration of 2024 to focus on a few key things, which means I won't be booking any 2024 weddings.

To be very open with you, my 2024 year is going to be dedicated to starting a family, which is something I’ve been wanting for over 7 years! I have been on a personal health journey, and I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ve decided that the way to better my odds at starting a family is to take some time away from weddings for one year, and focus on my health and pregnancy journey. As a one-woman business, I love to communicate with my clients in a real way. I believe in transparency and telling you what is going on in hopes you feel in the know and taken care of!

I have goals that I feel drawn to pursue in 2024 which are:

2024 goals


grow my family

I am excited at the hopes of starting a family and begin this new stage in my life!


focus on my health

My health journey has been a bit complicated, with some recent traumas occurring such as a being in a hit-and-run on the highway from a pair of racing cars, and grieving the very sudden loss of my dad who I cared for deeply. My mental and physical health needs intentional time put into them so I stay healthy for myself, my family and my clients.


grow my craft

Owning and operating my own business for 10 years has been incredible! I feel a tug to pause the intense workload to be able to learn, experiment and grow in a non-obligatory way.

I am excited to pursue additional education from talented artists around the states in hopes to grow my craft.



As an artist, I need this time to rest, to see things in a new way and to experiment with new ways of expressing connection in my photography. With rest from the hustle, I believe I'll explore my world in new ways, resulting in deeper, richer photography for my 2025 clients and beyond!

There might even be some new businesses that come out of it! ;)

I am not ending, but rather, inserting a year break in weddings.

I feel drawn to pause wedding bookings for 2024, so that I can create something new for 2025 and beyond!

I am not ending, but rather, inserting a year break in weddings.

I feel drawn to pause wedding bookings for 2024, so that I can create something new for 2025 and beyond!

What does this mean for 2024 sessions?

Although I am not taking on any 2024 weddings, I will still be accepting limited bookings for sessions in 2024. At this moment (Dec 2023), I am still creating a full plan for 2024 sessions. What I for sure know right now is that I will be hosting four (4) mini session events in 2024. 1 in the spring, 1 in the summer, and 2 in the fall. The full details for these events will be available in April 2024, when my communication and session bookings open back up. (Please read my availability page for further information regarding communication.)

While I take extended some time off (December 9 - March 31), I will also be planning and dreaming about what full availability will look like in 2024, and then in 2025 and beyond. I am SO excited to dream and develop this business deeper and further!! I am deeply excited to see what the future holds for my photography and I can't wait to work with you!!

Curious about what's next?

2025 and beyond


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