a creative, storytelling experience.


my shooting style

My shooting style is a balance of inspiration and pre-visualization. I am heavily inspired in the moment by lighting (first and most important), tones/colors, outfits, aesthetics, our location, and natural moments. I come into our session full of ideas (pre-visualization), and have a shot list I reference as well.

I structure our session to be easy-going, enjoyable, and moving with prompts for natural emotion to shine through. This creates opportunity for your images to tell a story; a creative reflection of many aspects of your connections.

I love capturing details / close-ups, emotion, and especially the connection / love between my couples and families. I incorporate classic poses all while experimenting with artistic touches to push how your photographs feel.

my editing style

The first thing I focus on is making sure the photos look and feel natural. This starts in-camera, meaning how I take the photo matters a whole lot (it's everything!). Second, I have skin tones, and overall highlights be a little warmer. This to me feels more moving, emotive, cozy and more flattering to natural skin tones. I also like to experiment with film grain when it calls for it. I have a fine art background which means I take into consideration all aspects of a photo while shooting and editing such as: white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, tint, contrast, clarity, flattering lighting and angles, and having it all be balanced in the photo.

my customer service style

This is a huge aspect to my business and is ultimately the most important over the photos. You could have the best photos ever, but if your experience was trash and miserable, does it even matter? When you look back at your photos, and I want you to treasure them which means having a positive experience is a huge plus. Ultimately, I can't control how you feel and your thoughts, but I do my absolute darnest to create an experience that you feel taken care of, relaxed and where you actually enjoy the process.