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Jessica Mencarelli - Michigan photographer

I'm really humbled and honored that you're here right now. Right now as I type this, I'm standing in my little office next to the kitchen with my afternoon acoustic playlist filling up the room and I'm thinking just how I got here. Here, talking with you about myself and showing you my heart, which is all about photography and people.

Your photographer is the third wheel-er you'll be spending most of your wedding day with, so it's only natural to tell you who you'll be hanging out with!

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I was drawn to photography from a very early age,

I remember being around 10, grabbing my yellow plastic 35mm camera and running down the hill to our pond to take photos of what I saw, tumbling and panting all the way.

I loved seeing the flowers, the sun, the water, the trees and gnarly sticks and branches that had fallen from the last storm. I would just click, scroll, click, scroll until I need to run back up the hill to grab more film.

I didn't know I'd be a photographer and artist when I grew up, but I followed my heart and somehow I'm here and I thank God that I'm on this journey for a lifetime.

After earning an Associate's of Arts Degree, I went on to graduate Kendall College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography where I was not only academically up in the top of my class, but I also achieved some great honors, one being a finalist in a national photography competition.

I learned so much and there just isn't enough room to say it here, but basically it solidified my passion and equipped me to make this my lifetime career. I am so thankful for that education!

I spent a few years interning with wedding photographers, second shooting with all sorts of people, and I came out inspired, real-world equipped and with the knowledge to make this thing my own. And after 3 years of pursuing it on my own, I haven't looked back since! I am a champion of education and continually growing so you'll find me always in a business or photography book and going to photo workshops to keep perfecting my craft and learn from truly talented professionals around the nation.

I want to make sure you have the best experience possible that ensures you feel comfy, excited and relaxed! I come with all sorts of knowledge, professionally and people-based that will make our sessions super easy-going and creative.

I take care of alll the details - you don't need to worry about a thing! I plan it all out and communicate with you every step of the way. I take the time to get to know what you want and I'll blend our visions together to create something you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Being your photographer is more than just showing up and taking some pictures. No, no, no. I'm in this to be a real friend, to take care of you and create artful photographs that will show your love story - that wild, goofy, deep and intimate story that you are uniquely known for. I can't wait to work with you!

jessica :)



I want to tell your story as authentically as I can, which means that I aim to document rather than create in-genuine moments. There is a balance here. I will guide you in prompts and poses to act as a starting point which will create the environment for the genuine moments to come out of. I love to incorporate more artistic details and processes in my sessions such as adding florals, working with light and shadows, using flowy or sheer textiles, producing multiple exposure photographs, adding film grain when it needs it, and working with unique picturesque landscapes. I am always up for collaborating and developing a unique idea for our session to create one of kind photos for you.


I'm available for all of michigan and anywhere in the states!

Check out the list below and if I'm coming to your area, hit me up! I'd love to work with you.

Don't see your area in the list? Well reach out to me already so I can come your way! ;)


pictured rocks, munising, michigan


manistee, michigan


traverse city, michigan


traverse city, michigan

detroit, michigan

plymouth, new hampshire

"brandon and I have both always said that we aren't very photogenic.

I've always admired photos of couples on social media and wished that I had photos of us that made me feel that confident and happy looking at them. But since that had yet to be my experience, I was skeptical that any photographer would be able to make us feel comfortable enough to get photos I liked. I even feared opening up our album and hating the results.

But Jessica was able to do what I thought was impossible!

I love how she was able to capture our love and happiness when we are together. I am so deeply appreciative to now have photos of the two of us that I absoluetly love and can look back on for years to come. The way Jessica was able to capture the beginning of our love story leaves me endlessly grateful!"


let's capture the moments you want to remember

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